Rodney Prouty “Plain Jane” 68 Camaro sporting The Vengeance flares doing what he does best.

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Aggressive to the max!

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Sam Lopez and his “Baby Vengeance” rocking my kit’s chinspoiler, and fender flares!.. you know I love it!




Thank you Sam!!!

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SEMA 2016 my full Vengeance Camaro kit debuted at the American Force booth.


Super proud of seeing it under the SEMA lights.

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Mr.Vengeance’s.. Streetfighter Kit, Fender Flares, Chinspoiler and rear Spoiler for 67-68 Camaro/Firebirds

I know, I know.. Finally!.. Vengeance’s Fender Flares are ready to be purchased.. just in time for the Bumblebee clones.. lol.
At least mine are quite tasteful in comparison..

It took a while to get these going mainly from how busy my business is(not car related) but I finally got the molds made and these are ready.
Most of the greybeards on here know I had my flares for about 8 years now but dammit here they are!

The Streetfighter Kit can be bought as a whole kit or in parts.


Fender Flares $1600 Carbon SOLD OUT

$1200 Fiberglass

Front Chinspoiler $600 Carbon SOLD OUT

$500 Fiberglass
Splitter with Stabilizer Bars additional $400

Rear Spoiler $750 Carbon SOLD OUT

600 Fiberglass.

Any part of the kit is offered in Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass.



Comparison between STOCK 67/68 Camaro spoiler and the Streetfighter Chinspoiler.. same depth but justs forward 2 inches and boxed in for strength.




Rear Spoiler in FG on Vengeance..

Carbon Fiber version of the rear spoiler.



For Purchase send email to:

All sales final and as is.. please check your car for proper fitment and contact me to crosscheck.

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My man Hogpowr from Milwaukee’s 70 Chally is looking real tough!!

Hogpowr just popped some new pics of how his 70 Challenger came out.. looks so Streetfighter meets Vintage trans am racing era.. I just love it!




during the build.. widened it up a lil!


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My new 70 Firebird I named “Strike” at our monthly VC/Streetfighter meet

I call her Strike3 because she is my third Pontiac… I have had a 66 Bonneville, a 69 GTO(as some remember I called “The Grudge” and this car.. and every time I do a Pontiac a poncho purist brigade goes nuts on me about modifying a poncho.. and no matter what I do even if it is tastefully modded they hate it every time.. so when I roll up its a negative Strike on me no matter what.. so Strike it is.. and it being Black and Blue kindof insinuates “Beat you black and blue” Streetfighter style.. hope yall dig.

Vintage Class Meet - January 2015

Vintage Class Meet - January 2015

Vintage Class Meet - January 2015

And a couple parking lot pics with just 3 of the Burn Unit members.. Severes’ 69 Lemans, my firebird, and Mr Vyllyn’s V8 240Z



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I found some old pictures of my 1969 GTO called “the Grudge” streetfighter

this car was my Daily driver about 5 years back.. punch reliable after all the work done.. I sold her to a young guy who was going to the marines and was training in the sniper division.. he made me an offer I couldnt refuse.. kindof miss her every now and again.. but out of the blue the kid I sold her to called me up!.. he still has it and is going through a restoration and update!.. very proud of the guy!

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Japan and its gymkhana in American muscle

The Japanese love musclecars for turning..

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Alright were back!!.. Merry Christmas!

were back at it again.. lol!

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Streetfighters and VC meetup in Atlanta pics!

missed you out there!

bring ya shit next time you pussies..

every 3rd Sunday of the month at 1:30 PM, Brookrun Park just past the skatepark on the left..

just SOME pics.. there were a GANG of cars..

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