Streetfighters and VC meetup in Atlanta pics!

missed you out there!

bring ya shit next time you pussies..

every 3rd Sunday of the month at 1:30 PM, Brookrun Park just past the skatepark on the left..

just SOME pics.. there were a GANG of cars..

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Lutzy’s New look on his Streetfighter 69!


like a punch to the jaw.

lovin the new color man!

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My other 67 Camaro “Stormy” build log #1.. I’m solo on this one.

strait up shell.. roller wheels.. and an open canvas.

Im going to do this one as a driver car/Streetfighter look rather than a full out Streetfighter purpose build.. this time as I want this one to be more docile than Vengeance is.. keeping it rather simple.. actually id like to do this car with the newschool “stance” as the kids like to call it.. Ive never seen a “fitted” first gen Camaro so I think ill have some fun.. definitely not an all out streetfighter but will have capabilities to brawl as I will outfit the chassis with full Hotchkis suspension upgrades..

The motor is an LS based truck motor that has been hotrodded a lil bit.

engine sat in there with the BR mounts!

decided to do the front and rear seals and internal freshening up.. I already ran through the bottom end.

headers on, ls6 intake, and painted the bay with some other lil goodies..

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I was gone for a lil bit but IM BACK!..

and heres a newish photo of Vengeance on Road Atlanta!

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Streetfighter like 240Z.. just add license plates.. which I think this one has.

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Heres OUR fuckin Cars and Coffee you featherdusting pillowfighters…

trans am racing

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The Go-Fish got some new pics..

never seen a Fish with knuckles..

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Some of you guys seen my Streetfighter 77 Celica Liftback”payback”

I know yall know my 67 Camaro Vengeance, but some have seen my daily driver 1977 Celica Liftback “Payback”

welp here she is…

with my temporary wheels on there.. SSR mk3 wheels(OG)

I painted a mural under the hood..

so thats her..

this one is actually my daily driver gas saver.. it has a 22R toyota motor in it.. gets GREAT gas mileage!.. and i take it out on the run a little.. it isnt SETUP for going all out streetfighter yet.. its more of a fun rider parts getter for now.. but i do have an LS motor waiting on deck when i get froggy..

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