The Streetfighters Car Club has very strict rules and regulations. The following constitution should be considered law so read carefully.
Purpose of the Streetfighters Car Club
  1. Enjoy the design, modification, and racing of streetfighter-style muscle cars with a minimum of encumbrances.
  2. Advancing the streetfighter-style of build through demonstrations .
  3. Sharing knowledge and skills relating to Streetfighter cars and subculture with others.
Qualifications for Membership
  1. Ownership of one (1) or more "streetfighter" style musclecars of any make, any model. Foreign makes accepted if term fits build style.
  2. Unlimited to any year cars. As long as the style is representative, then the terms fits.
  3. A member of this club must possess a valid driver’s license.
  4. Streetfighter cars must be able to go, stop, turn, and be driven hard.
The following by laws shall be considered absolute unless a member feels that a particular section is too restrictive. In such an event, the member can consider the law(s) as non-existent.
Club Meetings
  1. A club meeting shall be considered officially in session when two (2) or more members find themselves engaged in conversation about streetfighters; telephone and forums included.
  2. Club members should attempt to attend no less than one (1) meeting per year.
  3. No attempt shall be made to formally request the assembly of the entire membership for a meeting or any other function. Meetings are held if two (2) or more members make it to the track, road course, or alternative location.
Membership Limitations
  1. There shall be no less than two (2) members.
  2. Should the official club roster fall below two (2) qualified members the club will be considered disbanded.
Dues & Fines
  1. There are no dues; just dues paid on the track/road course: driving, learning and earning ones stripes.
  2. Fines appropriate for the offense shall be levied at the discretion of the club President.
  3. President and vice presidents are exempt from any fines.
Club Uniform
  1. The official club uniform shall meet the following description:
    1. Any Garment or combination of garments that adequately cover the body's "Private Parts".
    2. Upper garments are optional for vice presidents… unless they are male.
    3. Jeans and t-shirts are preferred apparel.
    4. Chains, spikes, mohawks, brassknuckles, luchador masks, afro wigs, and leather jackets optional.
    5. An ugly mug, scars, tooth loss from a fight or snarl are all a plus.
Lastly, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Streetfighters Car Club are the people involved. Despite great distances that separate the Streetfighters themselves, there is a strong sense of pride and friendship that prevails within the community. Being a stand up fella is just as important if not more important than the car you drive.
Participation on the and message boards are the best way to contribute to this aspect. Spending time on those particular sites isn’t necessary but it gives the existing members a great way to see who you are and what you're about. No matter how cool you're car is, or how hard you drive than the next guy, if you've got a bad attitude and are interested in your own egos then you're probably not going to fit well with this club... and the others won’t allow that anyway.
Mister Vengeance Driver/Owner of VENGEANCE 67 Camaro Streetfighter Streetfighter Car Club General