Some of you guys seen my Streetfighter 77 Celica Liftback”payback”

I know yall know my 67 Camaro Vengeance, but some have seen my daily driver 1977 Celica Liftback “Payback”

welp here she is…

with my temporary wheels on there.. SSR mk3 wheels(OG)

I painted a mural under the hood..

so thats her..

this one is actually my daily driver gas saver.. it has a 22R toyota motor in it.. gets GREAT gas mileage!.. and i take it out on the run a little.. it isnt SETUP for going all out streetfighter yet.. its more of a fun rider parts getter for now.. but i do have an LS motor waiting on deck when i get froggy..

Posted by Mr. Vengeance on August 19, 2012 under Events