Interview with Ron Schwarz and his Streetfighter 66 Mustang fastback.

Interview with Ron Schwarz and his Streetfighter 66 Mustang fastback.

Around the protouring/ Gmachine forums Ron’s car is notorious, for many reasons.. I for one watched this guy take a chunk of sea coral you would call a 66 mustang fasty
and make it into this badass streetfighter page after page after page… with each update as astonishing as the next.. with all the work practically done himself.
the thread he named for the car was “$5000 budget mustang build”.. and that was it.. a strait to the point title for a car that was strait to the point.. mean!
so i got a chance to catch up with Ron about the mustang and how he feels about the fact many view it as a veritable road brawler.. with its bulging widebodied handfabbed fenders,
and his LS1(yes chevy, we dont care about branding here.) motor that he recently grenaded.. and will probably get another chevy motor within its framerails.. and heres how we chopped it up.

1. Do you think your car is a Streetfighter?

I suppose my Mustang would be considered a Streetfighter, with the no frills budget approach, and heavy use of used and fabricated parts. The paint makes for a good 20 footer, and I have to say I’ve loved not worrying about keeping it waxed, hell I’ve only washed it a 2 or 3 times. The poor thing hasn’t seen an easy life so far, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

2. What do you think a Streetfighter(car) is?

My definition of a Streetfighter would be a car that is totally function over looks. A car that the owners ingenuity can sometimes trump a fat wallet. Although I do believe a high end car can be a Streetfighter, that is the exception not the rule. The cool part about the fighter cars is that there can be so many different styles, (drag cars, pro touring cars, ricers, even street rods). I think the Streetfighter name fits perfectly, bare knuckled brawler that loves action way more then looking pretty.

3. How long have you been interested in the Streetfighter style build?
I tubbed my first Streetfighter at 16, I’m now 46. We didn’t call them Streetfighters then, they were just street cars. At 16, you did all you could with what you had (which wasn’t much). Remember me and a couple buddies, jacking an (I-95) highway street sign to fabricate the tubs and floors.

4. What do you think the point to a Streetfighter build should be?
In a word Fun. To beat, pound, and terrorize our cars, and neighborhoods, with little time spent setting in a parking lot in a folding chair.

5. Streetfighter and pro-touring… similarities?, differences?

In my opinion Streetfighters have been around long before the Pro Touring movement started. Certain street cars fit the fighter profile all the way back in the 50’s. The touring cars have of Modernized powertrains, brakes, and suspensions with a style emulating the 60’s and 70’s Trans Am race series cars. Although that same thing could be said about some Streetfighters. I believe a carbureted big block with drum brakes could fit the fighter, but not the touring car.

6. The essential modifications visual and functional?

I do believe a Streetfighter must have a certain look. Any body mods (scoops, flares, spoilers) MUST BE FUNCTIONAL!! Any attempts to modify an already attractive car just for looks, will be highly frowned upon. The cool part is, the mods can done with no thoughts of perfection (primer, and jagged edges are acceptable, sometimes desirable) Big tires, obnoxious attitude are mandatory.

7. Do Streetfighter builds only apply to the lowbuck or are there Highdollar fighters?
At first I thought cars like Bad Penny couldn’t be a brawler (just too pretty). Then I raced against it, drove through the crappy weather with it, and saw Steve Rupps approach to his car. Function!!! Oh, it looks cool, but his mods are function first. I think I said it earlier, these cars are the exception not the rule. Most of the time fighters are a little more rough around the edges, and are equipped with options such as duct tape and bailing wire.

8. Do you think a Streetfighter build is restricted to American cars or others?

I’ve gotten my ass spanked by some nasty looking rotary Mazdas at the drag strip.These cars were definitely Streetfighters. A low dollar approach to spanking my Hemi Cuda. Totally gained my respect, and I loved the way the owners didn’t waist time paint, or nice wheels. Yes, as much as I hate to say it, Ricers can be fighters.

9. When they say “street” what type of conduct do you think applies to these cars on the street?
Who’s listening??
I’ve done some things through the years that I’m not exactly proud of. Been in a few high speed chases, and lost my license several times to show for it. I would not recommend this behavior, we all like let it hang out there, but not at someone else’s expense. Use your head, don’t do anything that could hurt someone else.

10. The Streetfighter type people you have met along the way, what are they like?

The group I hang with, are a great group of guys, that enjoy the same thing we all do. Pounding on our rides with little thoughts to wax. Would rather be cruising then sitting.

11. To those who are afraid of this type of build style(ie: because of chipping their paint) what would you say?


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