Introducing my car 1967 Camaro “Vengeance”

So, its been a long 4 years since i started this project with many ups, downs, and plenty of lettuce to get it done.
Keep in mind this is NOT my grey camaro(Stormy) that i was autocrossing.. this is my baby.. my firstborn.

the breakdown of what has been done to this car..

Full frame with Corvette components with coilovers front to back
by Art Morrison. AME enterprises.. race proven.
narrowed 12 bolt fully built Moser posi rear end.. 3.83 gears.
top of the line ATL fuel cell with cage closeout fabbed by myself.
DSE main hoop cage, but full cage will be custom done by Bryan Fuller of Fullerhotrods.(the homie)
Exhaust is Art morrison LS7 headers to 3 inch strait pipes that end in 3 inch Spintech side exhausts.


14 inch 6 piston big brakes and 12 inch 4 pots.. race spec grade made by Wilwood.
Full custom Hydroboost setup by John of Garage Zero.. i can do an Endo.
all installed by John.


Grille hand fabricated(not a truck grille cut down, but each bar and outer hoop tig welded)
shaved body seams.
Tunnel and lengthened grille and “beak”
Shaved front valance.
Audi handles
custom license plate area.
Shaved drip rails.
2 inch cowl hood cut and lengthened to edge of hood.
flush and molded rear bumper.
front end now 1 piece.
fabricated engine bay
shaved firewall
squared off fenderwells
and fabricated valve covers.

all wonderfully worked by Matt Hellion.

Carbon fiber.

nose bumblebee stripe 1 piece full carbon fiber.
CF custom vision mirrors
CF custom rear spoiler made from a 70 cuda.
CF Chin spoiler boxed and full carbon made off a enlarged stock camaro spoiler.
all CF done by Fule Carbon.. my man Le.


Spartan is the key here..
quick release transmission tunnel
fabricated tubular center console fabricated by myself.
aircraft style toggle switches.
dynamat all over
no side windows.. only race nets.
fabbed window straps.


these arent the race set but heres the breakdown.

Custom made minilite style made by NewGen wheels.
These are the only set ever made.
19x11s in the front.. stretching 275s.
19x14s in the rear.. stretching 345s.
they are 3 piece.


Done by me.. SPRAYPAINTED.. fuck a show paintjob
if a shopping cart hits my car.. i dont fall to pieces…
i dont have a clear bra on my front carbon fiber…
i dont have a feather duster…

Motor installed by John Lewis of Garage Zero.
Custom Closeouts and shaved firewall by Matt Hellion of Hellion Customs.

Vengeance Racing built Forged 427 LS7
* GM Performance LS7 Aluminum Block(fresh new block)
* Built T56 by RPM motorsports
* Vengeance Racing custom ground cam
* Worked stock LS7 heads
* Precision Metalcraft custom intake manifold
* Callies CompStar Crankshaft(4.100″ Stroke)
* Diamond LS7 4.125″ Bore Forged Piston Set
* Diamond LS1 Moly Ring Pack
* Callies LS1 CompStar Connecting Rods
* Clevite LS1 High Performance Main Bearings
* Clevite SBC High Performance Rod Bearings
* DuraBond LS1 Cam Bearings
* SDPC LS1 Complete Block Hardware Kit
* ARP LS1 Main Stud Kit
* Machine Block Deck Surface
* Align Hone Block W/5 Mains
* Flash Hone w/ Torque Plate
* Jet Clean Block
* Balance Crankshaft – Internal
* Install Cam Bearings
* Install Freeze Plugs
* Pin Fit Pistons
* Pin Fit Rods

big bad wilwood 6 pistons..

and one of my favorites…

I was looking to pic up a radio flyer for my son so i could pull him around the house and occasional car meets and whatever..
but at a local trash dump near me i saw something i could use.. a double decker shopping cart(you know the mini ones from whole foods) then i broke out the saws all and my welder and i started to fabricate my own version..
The sides are made of sawzalled up black plastic thats a 1/8th inch thick!.. and its natural black to windex or garden hose and its all clean.
i lowered the front end of the cart by fabbing up a new front axle and lowered it about 3 inches.. the rear tires are from an all terrain lawnmower wheels that they sell at homedepot.
i made a quick release bar in the rear to steer the cart.. it rides like a dream!
heres the result with my son sitting in the cart..

There is still some little tidbits here and there to do but for now shes done..
i still have to break the motor in.. but im having so much fun doing it!

hope to see you guys on a roadcourse or autox near you!

Posted by Mr. Vengeance on May 12, 2011 under Events